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Violino Series DPSS Nd:YVO4 OEM Laser Sources

Laservall's VIOLINO™ series laser is a diode pumped Nd:YAG laser source, renowned worldwide in industry for laser marking and engraving applications. Over 1,000 units are in operation worldwide.

The VIOLINO™ series of lasers has been designed using Laservall's innovative DPSS laser architecture, bringing many benefits over traditional laser technology.

Coupling the laser diode pump module to the optical bench of laser the resonator via fiber optic cable allows the module to be factory sealed and operated remotely from the laser head (also sealed). This greatly facilitates and simplifies maintenance since diode replacement becomes a plug and play operation without the need to realign the laser, risk exposing laser optics to the elements, etc.

Violino Series
 MX-61 Test Microscope
EU Marker Series DPSS Nd: YAG OEM Laser Sources

The EUMARKER™ is a economical breakthrough in DPSS Nd:YAG laser technology aimed at metal and plastics direct part marking applications.

The EUMARKER™ is based on the same end-pumping architecture used for the all of the industry-tested VIOLINO™ series lasers, but with the addition of a new Laservall scanning head and a newly optimized combination of optics and electronics.

Some innovations and advantages include:

• Highly efficient coupling technology
• Excellent beam quality
• High marking speed and precision
• Compact size and weight
• Entirely air cooled
• Economical price

EU Marker
 MX-61 Test Microscope
Sagitta Series High Power DPSS Nd: YAG OEM Laser Sources

The SAGITTA™ Series, a more powerful evolution of Laservall's popular and industry tested VIOLINO™ Series (in production since 1998) is the most recent addition to the Laservall Family of high beam quality DPSS lasers built upon Laservall's M3 Design™ philosophy.

The Sagitta™ Series was conceived to perform “difficult” industrial applications where the performance standards of common industrial laser sources presently available on the market at comparable prices do not suffice. Such applications might include:

1. Deep, highly precise marking and 3-D engraving.
2. Very fine black surface marking on steel.

 MX-61 Test Microscope