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 3D Microscope

HIROX 3D Microscope

Digital Microscope KH-8700

Fast - The all new Hirox platform delivers fast operation and processor speeds.
Easy - The premier choice in user friendly software, a digital microscope (DM) has never been easier to operate.
High Quality - Images saved and taken with the KH-8700 are delivered through ultra-fine detail.

KH-8700 Model
 MX-61 Test Microscope
Digital Microscope KH-7700

The KH-7700 Digital Microscope System is Hirox’s newest, most advanced development. The digital camera, light source, LCD monitor, computer, and software are all integrated into this one unit. The KH-7700 provides the user with the ultimate in high performance observation, measurement, analysis, recording, management, and output.

KH-7700 Model
 MX-61 Test Microscope
Digital Microscope KH-1300

The KH-1300 digital microscope is revolutionary in that it achieves both the highest transfer speeds in its class and high-quality images at the same time. An original CCD camera was developed exclusively to create the highest quality images. As a result, high-resolution images can be transferred quickly allowing video to be observed on PC screens. High quality imaging with cost effectiveness in mind.

KH-1300 Model
 MX-61 Test Microscope