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MX-61 Industrial Test Microscope

MX-61 Industrial Test Microscope mainly used to semiconductor silicon wafer testing, LCD monitor testing, Lab material analytic and other precise project testing field´╝îcan search sample in dark and bright field.

MX-61 Industrial Microscope
 MX-61 Test Microscope

CT-70 Series Stereo Microscope

CT-70 Series stereo microscope , and its optics design is newly. Can provide high
definition image of observation specimen. This series equip special maximum working distance at different  viewing angles. this product is extensively applied to such domains as educational demonstration,  biological anatomy, electronic industry and police observation and analysis etc.

CT-70 Stereo Microscope
 MX-61 Test Microscope

RT Series Magnifier Light

Lens Material: Glass
Lens Size: 5"
Diopter: 3 Diopter, 5 Diopter
Light Sources: 22w Circular Fluorescent Lamp, transparent lamp protection cover is supplied.
Color Available: White, Black, Light Grey.

RT Series Magnifier Light
 MX-61 Test Microscope

DCM Series - Digital Camera for Microscope

DCM500 (USB2.0) is a digital camera professionally designed for microscope. It works perfectly with any kind of optical microscopes, as biological microscope, metallurgical microscope and stereomicroscope. The images of the observed specimen is genuinely displayed on computer screen. The powerful advanced software ScopePhoto included with the camera ensures simple and convenient operation (measurement and image processing) on the images captured.

DCM Series Camera
 MX-61 Test Microscope

LED & Fluorescent Ring Light

Specification: 220V/8W  or 110V/8W
                       Black or White Shell

Microscope Lighting
 MX-61 Test Microscope