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One Touch

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One Touch Digital Metrology Station

New OneTouch digital metrology station. OneTouch-LV and OneTouch-LS for large area XY measurement and inspection. OneTouch-3D model for 3D measurement.

Large view digital metrology station for small part quick measurement


- 40 mm x 30 mm FOV
- 2048 x 1536 image resolution
- Push button to start measurement
- Auto part matching for alignment and skew
- Master part image comparison
- Comparator type direct crosshair measurement
- All in one, small footprint

One Touch Series
One Touch Series
EZ Series Manual Video Scopes

EZ0804MV-AZ is powerful video based 3-axis manual measuring system. Motorized Z-axis with auto-focus and measure Z height precisely. 1.4M CCD digital camera captures rich color and sharp image and it improves the sub-pixel accuracy and throughput.

The system uses DMP3000 dimensional measurement and imaging software. The  software is designed for video manual measuring system with edge detection and part programming. It provides full video CMM measuring capability and is easy-to-learn. The stage mapping capability greatly improves the system measurement accuracy. The software also provides broad imaging functions to have a value added on the system.

EZ Series (Manual Type)
EZ Series Manual Video Scope

MaxV Configuration

MaxV supports dual or more optics and cameras for special applications.
High magnification and very large FOV optics combination. Large FOV for overall measurement and inspection and high magnification for details.  Linescan optics and zoom optics combination. Linescan for overall measurement and inspection and high magnification for details. Top and bottom optics combination for offset and thickness measurement. Multiple optics and cameras from different views. Such as top, front and sides to measure or inspect parts without rotating the parts.

        MaxV Series
MaxV Configuration

DP1 Measuring Scope

DP1-DZ Measuring Scope
High precision FOV measurement and visual inspection
Detent zoom lens with 22X - 150X zoom range. Objective optional
Sub-pixel edge detection and programming
Image capture and saving

DP1 Series
DP1 Series