Richetec INC.  ESD Consumables and Monitoring System
ESD Packaging Clean Room Suit IONIZERS ESD Tables, Chairs and Flooring

ESD Consumable and Monitoring System


- Anti Static Tapes

- ESD Shielding Bags (Metal Out)

- Anti Static Bags

- ESD Shielding Bags (Metal In)

- Anti Static Pouch

- Conductive Foam

Clean Room Suits (Garments)

- Bunny Suits (Cover All)

- Smocks

- Aprons

ESD Monitoring System

- Surface Resistivity Meter

- Wrist Strap Tester

- Continuous Monitoring System (Dual or Single Operator)


- Table Top

- Over Head (2,34 Blower)

- Gun Ionizers

ESD Furnitures

- ESD Tables

- ESD Chairs

- ESD Floorings (Tiles and Paint)

ESD Accesories

- ESD Gloves

- Finger Cots (Conductive and Anti Static)

- Ground and Heel Strap

- Face Mask

- ESD Shoes