Richetec INC.  ESD Consumables and Monitoring System
ESD Packaging Clean Room Suit Clean Room Worstation Tools ESD Monitoring System IONIZERS ESD Tables, Chairs and Flooring ESD Accesories

ESD Consumable and Monitoring System


- Anti Static Tapes

- ESD Shielding Bags (Metal Out)

- Anti Static Bags

- ESD Shielding Bags (Metal In)

- Anti Static Pouch

- Conductive Foam

Clean Room Suits (Garments)

- Bunny Suits (Cover All)

- Smocks

- Aprons

ESD Monitoring System

- Surface Resistivity Meter

- Wrist Strap Tester

- Continuous Monitoring System (Dual or Single Operator)


- Table Top

- Over Head (2,34 Blower)

- Gun Ionizers

ESD Furnitures

- ESD Tables

- ESD Chairs

- ESD Floorings (Tiles and Paint)

ESD Accesories

- ESD Gloves

- Finger Cots (Conductive and Anti Static)

- Ground and Heel Strap

- Face Mask

- ESD Shoes