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Technology Advantages:

Plate Nesting Programming
Especially for complex workspace processing programming.

Backspace Function
Laser returns to the imperfect cutting spot along the orginal path motion and then cut again to avoid waste of processing piece. ocesses with "0" seconds of drilling without deceleration cutting.

Gantry Dual Driving Structure
Cutting area is completely closed with ligth. Gantry dual driving structure design, stable and precesion,
is applied for high speed and efficienct laser cutting machine.

Automalically Feeding and Blanking System
Manipulator system is composed of automative elevator with vacuum chuck to speed plate, equipped with automatic separating system and plate thickness measuring system.

Airborne Beam
Airborne gantry beam structure, especially for wide area laser cutting machine.

Nozzle Cleaning
During the cutting process, nozzle cleaning is automatically performed, processing and cutting will be continued after the cleaning is completed.

Synchronous Exchange Table
Dual working table exchanges synchronously with 20 seconds per time.

GF Series
 MX-61 Test Microscope

High Quality Cutting
No burrs, low roughness, better cutting quality; nearly perfect vertically.

Cutting Process Database
Based on year's cutting experience, each material restore processing data about standard cutting, standard pirecing, corner controlling, marking, hole cuttting.

High-speed Piercing
A variety of efficient drilling processes with "0" seconds of drilling without deceleration cutting.

Automatically Edge Finding
Automatically Calculating the angle between plate and machine tool, then rotating coordinate system to process plate.

Convenient Hand-held Unit
PROFIBUS with NCU communication, less connections with reliablity, integration of numerical input and output, potentiometer signals, pendent pulse generator, which realizing back to zero, height capacitance following, job cutting retrace, table mechanical moving and etc.

Intelligent Logistics and Storage
Automatically warehouse system management software, barcode identification and tracking system and transfer robot system.

GF Plus Series
 MX-61 Test Microscope