AMSTECH Solutions  Equipment
First Optical Inspection Second Optical Inspection 3rd Optical Inspection


AMSTECH First Optical Inspection

- Upgrading for Existing Wafer Inspection Auto Loader System.

- 150mm, 200mm and 300mm Wafer

- Micro/Top and Back Macro Inspetion

- 1 Load Port - FOUP /FOSB / Open Cassette

- Wafer Mapping System

- SECS/GEMS, TCP/IP Network Communication

First Optical Inspection
First Optical Inspection

AMSTECH First Optical Inspection

- 200mm  and 300mm Wafer Capability

- Micro and Macro Inspection System

- 3 Loads Ports - FOUP, FOSB and Open Cassette

- Wafer Mapping and Sorting System 

- Online / Offline Inking System

- SECS/GEMS, TCP-IP Network Communication

- OCR Reader

- FOV and Z Height Measuring Sytem

First Optical Inspection
First Optical Inspection

AMSTECH Second Optical Inspection

- Wafer Inspection System

- Manual Loader and Auto Loader System

- 150mm and 200mm Wafer Size

- Top and Back (BF) Micro Inspection

- Wafer Mappping System

- Online and Offline Inking System

- Bar Code, OCR and 2D Matrix Reader

- SECS/GEMS, TCP-IP Network Communication

RT Series Magnifier Light
Second Optical Inspection

AMSTECH Third Optical Inspection System

- Third Optical Inspection System  with Strip Mapping System (Electro Map).

- Fully Automated Leadframe Handling System.

- Auto-Conversion System for Various Leadframe Sizes.

- Image Capturing and FOV Measurement Capability.

- 2D Matrix Reader.

- Physical Reject ID, Wire Breaker, Scriber and Inker.

DCM Series Camera
Third Optical Inspection