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BK-01 BK-03 KTM-1000

KUNOH Technokraft

BK-01 Non Contact Measuring Microscope

BK series non contact measuring microscopes meet any X, Y and Z axis measurement needs in various industries. The system provides high traceability, repeatability and reliability to smooth manufacturing operation.

BK Series (BK-01)
Mantis Compact

BK-03 Non Contact Measuring Microscope

The system comes with various stage sizes and scale resolutions to meet different sample sizes and demanding measuring needs. Illumination module in the system provides a bright, glare free and evenly dispersed light to yield excellent image.

BK Series (BK-03)
 MX-61 Test Microscope

KTM-1000 Non Contact Thickness Measurement Microscope

KTM -1000 is designed based on the unique optical focal point theory using microscope optical system placed at the top and bottom of the specimen.
The microscope system has a precise focus unit built in, which will assists in getting the best focus. Measurement are taken using linear gauge and then used for calculating the thickness of the specimen. The scale's resolution is 1 micron and applicable to wide range of processes in various industries.

KTM-1000 Series
 MX-61 Test Microscope