RSA Automation Services
- Low Magnification Automated  Scope
- Laser Application Table Top Machine
- Table Top Dispenser Machine
- XY Table Top Vision System
- Table Tope Vision System

- Manual Table Top without Counter

- Manual Table Top with Counter

- Motorized with Counter

- Motorized with Vision

- Motorized with Vision and Reject Marker

- Tape Sealing Machine

- Multi Magazine Loader |Slotted|

- Multi Magazine Unloader |Slotted|

- Substrate Loader

- Markings on Plastic Laminates

- Markings on Microscope Holder

- Markings and Graphic design for Jewelry for Gold, White Gold and Silver.

- Table Top Manuel Laser Equipment

- Motorized XY Table Laser Equipment

- Magazine Slotted to Magazine Slotted

- Stacked to Stacked Magazine

- Uni Laser Slotted

- Semiconductor Vision

- ETC Vision

- Inspection System

- Vision Parts

Richetec INC. Automation

Richetec INC. totally integrated automation provides the decisive components needed to optimize your companywide processes. We offers a unique range of products and systems that deliver end-to-end solutions, and comprise the core technology capabilities for the manufacturing and processing industry.

The basis for this are modern and innovative products from a comprehensive and balanced range of automation products. Clearly defined system characteristics ensure the optimum interplay of the products and provide the system advantages of Totally Integrated Automation.

Richetec INC. Machine Rehabilitation

- Giant Force (Humidity / Temperature Chamber)
- Qualmark (Reliability Low / Temperature)
- Unit Loader and Unloader
- AFL (Automatic Frame Loader)
- NKE Hanlder

Customized Equipment

  • Sticker Labeler
  • Film Press Attached
  • QFN Unit Scrapper
  • Eutectic Die Attached
  • Leadframe Cleaner
  • QFN Clip Attached (Single Head)
  • QFN Clip Attached (Dual Head)
  • Peeler Machine (Scalpack)

Monitoring System

  • Glass Flow Monitoring System
  • Vacuum Pressure Monitoring System
  • Bond Monitoring System
  • ESD Monitoring System
  • Universal Jig Tester

Our Automation Latest Offering


Custom built automated machines are another option for streamlining the manufacturing process.  If the integration and designing a custom automated machine is a good option for many situations.

Automating repetitive and manual manufacturing processes can achieve higher quality, lower costs, greater flexibility, waste reduction, and result in overall long-term profits.

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Automated Dispenser

Vision System


Vision System

Tape and Reel


Tape and Reel

Loader and Unloader


Multi Magazine Loader

Loader and Unloader


Substrate Loader

Laser Equipment


Table Top Laser Equipment

Laser Equipment


Uni Laser Slotted


Film Press Attached


Eutectic Die Attached

RSA Machine Rehab

Giant Force

RSA Machine Rehab

NKE Handler

RSA Monitoring System

Glass Flow Monitoring

RSA Monitoring System

ESD Monitoring